Questions to Ask a High Person on Weed

When people are high on cannabis they react different. Many people do weird kinds of stuff like bluffing, some even talk like a drunk, some even forget the basic and common things in their life like their own name.

It’s a situation where interesting things can happen and interesting questions can also be asked.

So, let’s find out what kind of questions we can ask a high person.

10 questions to ask a high person on weed

1 – What about the First Person That Saw Cannabis Plants Growing Wild and Thought to Smoke It? How Was Their First Experience When High?

This question will make the person feel just like the first person who smoked for the first time ever. It’s just a question to get things started.

2 – Imagine a scenario where Cannabis Cures Everything, and Officials Know This But Are Profiting from Keeping Us Hooked on Pharmaceuticals, So They’re Hiding the Information from the General Public. What would you do then?

Marijuana actually has a medical side of use. Not many of us know that. It is ongoing research about marijuana but maybe in near future it can be a cure for a disease. . It can be a good question to a high person.

3 – How would it feel if every country in the world legalize weed?

Every marijuana addictive would love this scenario if it takes place anyhow. Though we can guess the answer if the person is a weed addictive one.

4 – Consider the possibility that Many Revolutionary Inventors, Philosophers, and Researchers Were High on Weed When They Made Their World-Changing Discoveries. How it will go?

Envision if Einstein was high when he drafted his hypotheses of relativity, or if Benjamin Franklin was getting a charge out of some weed when he found power. Imagine a scenario where Nicholas Copernicus was prepared when he understood our close planetary system spun around the Sun, or if Isaac Newton was stoned when he uncovered gravity. This valuable plant may have helped profound masterminds and creatives the same more than we may actually comprehend. The prospects are unending. It appears as though any semblance of William Shakespeare, Maya Angelou, Bill Gates, and Oliver Stone have all utilized the spice sooner or later during their innovative cycle.

5 – What if smoking pot stops being fun?

If somehow boredom takes the place of pleasure then all the fun is gone. This a great question for the high person.

6 – How impossible is that for you to imagine a world without marijuana?

When a person is high he does not think straight. His feelings are random; it’s because of the hormonal activity which is going on inside a person. Some get emotional quickly during this stage.

7 – Do you use weed to try not to manage your issues?

Some say they are in it because they are in pain, mental pain and pressure has devoted them into this world. So this question can be asked.

8 – Does your pot use let you live in a secretly characterized world?

Many said that they see various things when they are high, one common thing is they found themselves in a new world or dimension which is far different from ours as they claim, which is truly understandable.

9 – Have you ever neglected to keep guarantees you made about chopping down or controlling your utilization of weed?

Marijuana addiction can cause nausea, insomnia, and many other things that will hamper a person’s daily life.

10 – Has your utilization of weed caused issues with memory, fixation, or inspiration?

New research claimed that smoking cigarette, marijuana decrease humans IQ or intelligent quotient power. It demotivates a person as an addictive can never lead a healthy life like a normal person. So, this question is another important one for the person who is high on weed.

Well here is it, ten inquiries bound to boggle someone’s psyche when he is high as damnation. You can think of this by yourself or can ask another person who high on weed.

Remember these the next time you are high!

Well here is it, ten inquiries bound to boggle someone’s psyche when he is high as damnation. You can think of this by yourself or can ask another person who high on weed.