List of Weed Stocks for Investing in Marijuana Companies

List of Weed Stocks for Investing in Marijuana Companies

Investing in the stock market is one of the best ways to make money, when done right. Not only does one need to have a good understanding of how the stock market works, but also when to get in and when to get out.

It’s also important to make sure you are getting in and out of the right companies and knowing what sectors are hot. Right now, the marijuana and CBD industry is gaining a ton of attention and people are jumping into these stocks all the time.

With this in mind, we wanted to provide you with a list of some of the most active and sougth after marijuana, CBD and hemp-inspired companies on the market today.

List of Weed Stocks and Symbols for Investing

We do not specifically recommend any of the stock tickers and companies below. However, we did want to make them available for anyone interested.

Be sure to check each of them out and enter their stock ticket symbol into Google to see what it’s currently trading at.

(Data below is as of 12/1/2020)

1.HEXOHEXO Corp.1.0689-0.0511-7.98%138,407,288
2.ACBAurora Cannabis, Inc9.76-1.92-39.10%76,891,841
3.TLRYTilray, Inc8.05-0.99-14.95%27,727,041
4.CRBPCorbus Pharmaceuticals Holdings, Inc1.465+0.245+22.90%25,475,120
5.MJNAMedical Marijuana Inc0.018965-0.001885-13.76%18,420,042
6.HEXOHexo Corp1.38-0.05-5.95%18,278,741
7.OGIOrganigram Holdings Inc.1.265-0.145-10.82%18,266,416
8.ACBAurora Cannabis Inc12.62-2.63-40.97%15,102,515
9.MOAltria, Inc40.51+0.68+1.82%8,358,276
10.CRONCronos Group, Inc8.305-0.545-9.02%7,326,981
11.MMNFFMedmen Enterprises Inc0.149864-0.015136-11.51%6,609,457
12.CGCCANOPY GROWTH CORP26.679-2.121-7.30%6,476,058
13.TRTCTerra Tech Corp0.146075-0.014925-19.59%6,373,150
14.OGIORGANIGRAM HOLDINGS INC1.64-0.20-11.30%4,215,164
15.VFFVillage Farms International, Inc.10.09-1.27-24.05%3,945,387
16.SPRWFSupreme Cannabis Co Inc0.132189+0.014999+15.15%3,798,462
17.MJETFMG Alternative Harvest ETF14.995-0.835-7.17%3,431,712
18.GRWGGrowGeneration Corp.33.41-1.76-9.62%3,361,746
19.TAPMolson Coors Beverage Company Class B46.28+0.28+0.72%2,878,931
20.VFFVillage Farms Intl13.06-1.74-25.07%2,690,100
21.CLColgate-Palmolive Co86.28+0.64+0.77%2,573,305
22.NEPTNeptune Technologies, Inc1.74-0.01-0.56%2,268,073
23.AGEEFHalo Labs Inc0.037775-0.005125-19.71%2,217,241
24.TGODThe Green Organic Dutchman Holdings0.325-0.015-6.67%1,983,120
25.KGKGKona Gold Solutions0.016775-0.000125-0.79%1,821,424
26.CVSIConv Sciences0.586625-0.043375-9.30%1,816,950
27.NBEVNewAge, Inc.3.305-0.125-4.65%1,793,232
28.BLOZFWest Pt Res Inc0.684128-0.131972-40.45%1,694,313
29.AMRSAmyris, Inc2.75-0.17-6.30%1,643,558
30.XXII22nd Century Group, Inc1.5801-0.0099-1.42%1,562,021

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