9 Crazy and Chill Things to Do While High

9 Crazy and Chill Things to Do While High

Weed smoking can lead to strange events and mental mind trips. The regular weed smoker is seen by many people as a guy in his pants, sitting on the sofa, watching TV in a trance.

However, it’s not so, or if you’re a woman who smokes tobacco too, you know well, and you’ve actually done a great time stoning exciting things.

When you’re high, there is much basic stuff you can do that is super cool, and since they may seem a thing you do a day if you especially know of them all, it is a lot more realistic.

Here are 9 of our ideal ways to do while you’re baked.

1. Go to a music festival or local concert

And everyone agrees the songs just sound better when you’re high. Look for a local venue or live event. When you’re high on weed, music is still the right way. genuinely

COVID-19 Update: Many stars are doing live streaming series. Go on to their site, see how your choice bands can be treated these times.

2. Play Frisbee at a park

Most fulfilling is some of the easiest of activities. It can be nice for the mind to get out, get air, or hurl the Frisbee up! It can get you out of the door and get the blood moving, thus socializing with new thoughts.

3. Try a new restaurant

It’s pretty easy, but it’s fun to go or change it up. Pop Airbnb starts as sees new fun or local.

Enhance a life by rewarding a local firm for anything better. COVID-19 Update: Funding our local retail restaurants is more vital than ever. So if you can’t eat, carry-out orders!

4. Take a hot bath

On every normal day, having a nice shower is the launch that follows for relief. If you’re high on weed, even so? So nothing is up then.

The water’s temperature, the mist in the shower all sum up to a high outcome.

Bring that by a few lamps, some songs, or a warm bath, so you’ve got a nice day, really.

5. Cozy up in bed

Wrap up your headphone in a soft, cozy comforter, switch on the TV, or tap into or chill out to full. When you’re high, lying up in your little bed is far more fun.

Oh, and a perk? It’ll be the best nap of your life, so if you feel tired.

6. Get a Massage

This has to be one of the fun things if you like to be pampered! Before your latest massage, be super-ripped or feel the calming feeling x 2.

7. Watch a Documentary

Usually, activity lab minors are a sure-fire way. Planet Earth, Stated, Theory, World, the lot is going on like this.

Review out Netflix’s doc page for tonnes of fun movies.

8. Go to the bar

Call your local calm pub if bend may not affect you, or hit down to rest with your buds.

You’ll find that since you don’t drink, the atmosphere or the biz is a lovely spot that still goes up when you’re high.

9. On front Your Own Image

You often have cool inner sight to yourself before you’re high on weed, yet you take a hand mirror or look my vag out when you want something quite mind-blowing.

You can also do one of my favorite self-image workouts: face my whole figure in the mirror while sticking up (Which is relatively safe, which goes for these). In the mirror, you look at it and then turn it off the inner plot.

You are saying to yourself what you feel. It is what you do, like what you can see? By asking oneself to inform your face of your body’s views, you get the right to shape mates with and rewire your inner voice.

You might do it for extra exciting values by capturing myself with a Photo frame, looking at it myself as I talk my inner tale of who you are, and after that, playback to yourself.