Death Trooper Tee By Abandoned Ship

Death by Party | Death Trooper Tee By Abandoned Ship

So few are cognizant to the fact that the ivory legion of the Galactic Empire have much more in common with the looming doom and gloom of Black Metal than the Dark Lord himself (which ever one you choose.) Firstly, uniforms on either spectrum have the base of white, and converse to popular belief, white is allusive to an assured demise. Though only empiric, this is said to be a more accurate glimpse than what any Sith-sayer may impart to one. Secondarily, they are both in ostensible opposition to a spiritual organization. Tertiary is the employment of the signature blast-beat. Any trooper’s standard issue E-11 rifle has the same pulsating auditory response as any good Bathory tune. The Glasgow-based Abandon Ship Apparel is one of those aforementioned few that gets it with their ‘Death Trooper’ tee, conscripting you in the servitude of the most bad-assed army in the galaxy since KISS- except in this one, every soldier is a bonafide star child.

Addendum: A fun factoid is that in the UK, the iconic likeness of Stormtrooper armour is considered to be public domain until 2026 as the result of a landmark litigious battle. Yet another reason other countries have the drop on US.

By Robert Kijowski


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