Thanks For The Nightmare, Dickhead

Pertu Saska creepy monkey photos from jakarta

Death by Party | Creepy Monkey Photography By Pertu Saska

Images can get distorted in minds with short attention spans. Especially when those minds reside in bodies that always find themselves walking down urban streets. Those who prefer the act of walking over driving in cabs or riding a bike take in much more of the madness around them. It is also a more effective madness, one that has a much better chance of capturing you than if you are flying by in a bike or nestled in the safety of a cab. As long as you have an imagination, the illusions are always there.

A walk down 18th Street on the most tranquil of evenings displays enough noir to satisfy a fanbase. One second it’s the Wolfman the next second it’s Casablanca and that’s if you’re lucky enough to make it several blocks without turning around and hailing a cab which you hope isn’t being driven by a man without a head. Rittenhouse bums have clown faces that distort with intensity, an intensity that you notice the faster you pass them by as they ask you for change to buy food or for what you hope is not an addiction’s fuel. Yet when you actually stop and look at them you realize that their faces actually represent a sort of distortion that is a result of the sadness that is their lives. And the circus doesn’t stop on this side of the spectrum, for example, most times while walking by the Fountain Room and looking in its windows I swear that the Four Seasons is nothing but a box filled with blank faces on a colored canvass. And don’t even get me started with street vendors. They make me feel like a lost animal each time their plights for sustenance get ignored by my wandering motive that is walking down an urban street with a short attention span. The deeper you let thoughts escalate while journeying into the city, the more intensive these motifs become.

Urban landscapes are surreal enough in their own natural essence that it should come as little surprise that they may perpetrate the absurd abyss of a creative mind. They’re kind of like the images I see in Perttu Saska’s collection of street apes in Jakarta. Why fool yourself into living in the Twilight Zone when you can simply embrace it. After all, life is what it seems. These pictures represent everything I encounter in my own daily dream that is living. Without having these dreams to illustrate our day we are left with nothing more than reality, which for most is a sad reality. One where life is not only boring, but even worse, one that showcases a world of cruelty.

By Lou Cervantes

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