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Real Dolls Designed To Look Like Real Pornstars

Death by Party | Real Dolls Designed To Look Like Real Pornstars

Relationships can be expensive especially if you want to have one with the type of women you see walking out of a Southern California plastic surgery center. You know, the kind that worship Barbie so much that they want to be the next Barbie. Unfortunately I’ve never had the pleasure of knowing any of these types. It is probably because I’ve only been to Southern California once coupled with the fact that I stay out of the popular areas where these Barbie girls prefer to lurk like all-inclusive Caribbean resorts, South Beach, the Hamptons in the Summer, the suburbs of Atlanta, Vegas, Aspen, and any affluent community financed by Big Oil in Texas. Luckily I have reality television and Internet gossip sites to remind me that somewhere over the rainbow these artificial women exist and are more relevant than ordinary people.
I’ve learned over the years to yearn for women of substance. I credit my Northeast (sans Manhattan) upbringing coupled with my numerous short-comings in finding success for teaching me this. A natural woman is a much bigger turn-on than one with a good plastic surgeon. Regardless, as you get older it becomes harder and harder to find these type of women. It seems that most of the single ones are single for one reason, they’re lost searching for the perfect man. There is nothing wrong with this because men have created this monster. Men are also the ones who suffer from it. Women have found ways to be happy without having a man in their life and as a result more men than ever before are forced to live a life of involuntary solitude.

So what happens to the men who are left with nothing? If you want my opinion, I think if they don’t have a passion then they may as well become a priest or kill themself because the meaning to their life lacks relevance. However most of these men also lack courage and what ends up happening is they live a life of misery until the day they die alone. The only good thing that comes out of this is that nobody cares because nobody ever loved them. Thanks to the Internet I’ve found a temporary solution for these pathetic human beings.

When I first came across the website that makes ‘real dolls’ it was a little mortifying. Yet after thinking of all the lonely people in this world who have nothing it dawned on me that these dolls may serve some sort of purpose(that is if these people can muster up 6,995.95 cents to order one). Somewhere out there, at any given time, there is a lonely person copulating with one of these creations and convincing themselves that everything in their meager existence is ok. Now anybody can have sex and best yet they can pretend to be having it with the Barbie doll types the media says are the benchmark for beauty. In some cases these dolls may even have just as much personality as the women they are based on. Since most men only care about looks this may actually be a better alternative than wasting a woman’s time. As for myself, I’ll continue to search for somebody that actually has something interesting to say and preferably has a nice sounding voice when they say it.

By Lou Cervantes

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