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Kick Push By Converse

Death by Party | Kick Push By Converse

If anybody wants to see me look like a total jackass all you need to do is throw me on a skateboard. The creators of this activity did not have people like me in mind when they built these things. One may point at my frenetic nature to blame for my horrible coordination but the reality is that I simply lack much mobility in my ankles. I’m not upset about never being the next Tony Hawk or even being able to ollie off of a bench in Love Park but it would be nice if I could get around on the longboards that my friends use to shorten inner city walks to the beer store. Though I can’t ride a skateboard at least I can walk like a skateboarder and these Pro Leather sneakers by Converse will bode well while I indulge in my current pastime; sitting in dark bars and watching reruns of the X-Games on weekday afternoons.

By Lou Cervantes

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