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Dist-roy Art By Pez Artwork

Death by Party | Dist-roy Pop Culture By Pez Artwork

The French have always held a passion to trounce banality. Even in banality, they made it seem passionate. Their art is one of the keystones of this. Be it the vague makings-out of a Monet until you stepped back (simple strokes that only find complexity), the sweep of Satie’s ‘Gymnopedie No. 1’ (simple notes that only find complexity), or the workings of Camus (simple starting sentence that only finds you rapt in complexity.) The French artist Pierre-Yves Riveau aka Pez, streams a mélange of these in his pencil on paper, sweeping in his simplicity of readily known figures, and complex on stepping back and thinking about it in his ‘Distroy’ series.
These mind-blowing fantasy illustrations are exemplary of what our own predisposed skulls may appear when our passion is unfurled… but would you be adverse to them because their true nature is solitary? No. What makes our passions is what love lies behind the oculars and where our insanity lies embedded in the brain. This Nantes-based artist is neither overcome with an apoplectic view, nor is the trenchant view of how one sees the pop-culture scene writhes with an unwitting passion upon our senses. His fray of their fibers are scant but taut, and his mood is something we’d all meted out in one drunken night or another we may say why we adore Disney, Simpsons, South Park or video games.

I’ve been only recently going to a therapist to pullulate the vistas that may be embedded I cannot excise. She was successful in such. When I was a child, I accepted Mickey into my childhood in going to Disney World ad infinitum. My mother was so adverse to my viewing subversive television so as to procure my pediatric doctor in reversing my view of The Simpsons as being something I would have to turn the dial on (yes, we had dials in years of yore.) I watched it anyway and realized its intellect of multi-layered jokes were something Dr. Goldstein would never get. Years later, I was introduced to even more ostensible culture lambasting in South Park. Thence forth, I sought a life of creative construction and complementary deconstruction. So thank you Pez, for all of the ambrosial and inspiring art dispensed from your simple No. 2, and for all of its complex destruction to landmarks.

By Robert Kijowski

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