Hugh Jackman Doesn’t Know Shit

Wolverine Labbit Close Call Tee By Kidrobot

Death by Party | Wolverine Labbit Close Call Tee By Kidrobot

I’m entering my first poker tournament in a couple weeks. I’ve been practicing by teaching myself how to shuffle cards, getting into stare contests with funny looking people, and doing impressions of Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine. What better way to work on my poker face than with mimicking the cigar chomping, adamatium clawed, slow-aging iconic Marvel superhero. Add a little Jackman to the mix and, at the very least, I may be able to finagle a ring-card girl in the audience. In honor of my inspiration, I’ll be donning this Kidrobot Wolverine Close Call tee as I set out to win hundreds of thousands of dollars.

By Lou Cervantes

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