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RK's New York Comic Con Breakdown

Death by Party | RK’s New York Comic Con Breakdown

The original San Diego Comic Con had been around for decades. It started out as the seminal comic/sci-fi/tv & film purist’s wet dream. Since then it had flourished into the pop culture media juggernaut we are all now familiar with. A staggering thirty-six years post that inception, we in New York had spawned our own Comic Con back in Ought-Six at the Jacob Javits Center in Manhattan. In the wake of SD’s more experienced convention, it had started out as something with comparatively little distinction outside of the NY mantle. Having gone from the very first one to this last upper state one, now in its eighth (yes, eighth!) year is nothing to balk at. It’s concomitantly making larger strides along with the older and wiser shadow that looms over it from the other coast, giving a soupcon of what great things are on the horizon. After all, the son does rise in the east and set in the west.
We’ll first begin on the most prominent feature of the Con which is made for Fridays and Sundays: the Main Floor. Now this had grown exponentially since the initial outing to include the ENTIRETY of the Javits second floor for the past couple of years. It was cleft in twain with an outside thoroughfare. The landscape teemed with cosplayers in their accoutrements, both excitingly perfunctory and with the gravitas of that insipid Heroes of Cosplay. For the people that will be going next year, it will be magical, but as of this point, I am inured to such visages of Harley Quinn, Dr. Who, Batman and other other low-hanging fruit (unless it’s a new spin on) to combat the myriad obscure anime costumes that pervade the floor. My favorite side of the floor is for vendors, which will purvey any and every semblance of comic bookery, nerd-dom, collecting, and hard to find items you could ever dream up of. A word to the wise- Sunday, many mark down prices to simply rid themselves of stock for that extra lucre. The other side is mainly comprised of major brands, some ostentatious, and some not in showing a preview of what’s to come. Names like Marvel, Nintendo, Ubisoft, Chevy, and Intel were all sequestered on this side only to cajole the bombast of what this ever evolving NYCC continues to be. This sector was to be considered the first of three places I’d felt most at home…

In the aforementioned second arrondissement was the hippest of all people. I’m not only speaking of hipsters but detractors of hipsters alike. Only at NYCC could they conceivably commiserate with nary a secretion of hatred inspired perspiration but rather just stinky sweat, colloquially known as B.O. This was called ‘The Block.’ It is what our wonderful websites are all about. Fucking boss vinyl toys made for millionaires, clothes that will cut that red velvet rope in your sartorial honor, and meeting people you can use as anecdotal fodder amongst the blaring five or so DJ’s (including a DJ scratch tutor) that permeated the aural backdrop. For moi, it was meeting up with contacts I will very soon write about and shaking hands with the inimitable Ron English, which I was all atwitter with and being remiss in slipping my Death By Party card….. but next time! My current quaking is soon to show you, our dear audience what gems I’d found. This was made for Fridays and Sundays of the Con.

Tertiary will be what I mainly go on for all three days: the Panels. Now I’ve gone to panels and met idols of mine in the past. Stan Lee, Jhonen Vasquez, Doc Hammer/Jackson Publick, Robot Chicken, Mike Mignola plus Superjail panels… and even had met Dean Haspiel (illustrator of the great Jonathan Ames’ legendary ‘The Alcoholic.’) I had sat in the first season of the Walking Dead panel, Guillermo del Toro, and any minor heroes you may or may not have. I’ve done all of it in the past. This year, I was only able to get into two panels outside of Venture Bros and Robot Chicken- The Dan Harmon newly coming cartoon ‘Ricky and Morty’ (which by the way I suggest you tune into once it hits air) and the much revered idol of my childhood, R.L. Stine. These were magical. I won’t prevaricate though, in that this year the main panels were Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Walking Dead. There was a new rule set that this year hath backfired. Perambulated by the walking dead of us in line, waiting for a good two hours before SHIELD was to project, if you were to stay in for a panel, ejected you were not from your seat for the next. This meant, people who had been waiting for the SHIELD panel only gained access to the theatre if an unknowing swath had left before the last vapid CW panel or whatever. This also meant, officiators of the Con turned away people a hefty crowd thirty minutes before the new Marvel series panel was to start, even if they just wanted to see the awesome panel of the Walking Dead (you can youtube both up.) Write to your comptroller about it.

In retrospect, it was a good Con. It wasn’t the esoterica that I’d initially fallen head over heels for, but that’s the proverbial given. I’d been disenfranchised. In soon time, this will blossom into a field day that will rival, nay, overtake any comparable east, west and middle-an country combined Con.. the only problem is finding a bigger venue… This, in all its awesome insanity is still a sleeper only getting stronger. It is the Bruce Banner that may need to rethink his purchase in the Big and Tall section at the Men’s Warehouse. I had punctuated my likes with dislikes because for those who had their tertiary, secondary or primary visit next October, it still is scintillating. My misgivings lie in the increasing ticket prices, and I will write to them about it. I encourage all to go for an assailing of senses- visually and auditory for all that any nerd could contain without spraying or squirting their undergarments in a surfeit of happiness (it may happen!) The only blessing/curse in disguise is the lack of swag this year. Though, it saves clutter and the environment for those that consider it dross, more giveaways and bags of free shit would’ve been way better in contrast to years past. I am not here to dissuade or assuage your tendencies for visiting the NYCC. Just visit it and experience or yourselves…and that, ladies and gentlemen, is my prose of the Con.

Addendum: In my utter dickesh nature, I was remiss in mentioning the Artist Alley, as they were on the first floor, and were the fuel that keeps me going in the Con. I will soon write about a great artist, Chandra Free, along with other people and wares I have met and respectively seen. Stay tuned to the same Bat Shit Channel.

By Robert Kijowski

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