Someone Shit Suburbia All Over My Feet

Nike SB Zoom  Digi Floral "Mandarin" By Stefan Janoski

Death by Party | Nike SB Zoom Digi Floral “Mandarin” By Stefan Janoski

My parents were those people that wanted to own a house with a room that nobody ever used. You know, the kind with floral couches and oak mini coffee tables covered with glass. Unfortunately they had too many kids and there hopes of sharing this portion of the old American dream with other suburbanites fell short. Thankfully most people these days struggle to put a roof over their heads, they’d be thankful for a room in general. I’m one of these people. These Nike SB Stefan Janoski Digi Floral “Mandarin” shoes evoke memories of those empty rooms with floral couches that littered suburbia many years back. Grab one today and create your own American dream.

By Lou Cervantes

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