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Death by Party | Jack Herer

I used to live with the best dude- I’ll call him Norman for the sake of argument.  His last name was Bates, and I promptly named him Master Bates, just for fun.   Norman, if you’re reading this, you know who you are.

So, this guy used to disappear for days on end.  He once told me if I ever needed weed when he wasn’t around to go into his room and look on the floor- I was allowed to keep whatever I found. I never really asked where he went or what he did, but sometimes I would come home to find bag after bag full of weed clippings* in the kitchen & Norm would have a bucket in the middle of the room- making hash as nonchalantly as your Grandma makes a pot of soup.

Norman gave me my first hit of Jack Herer.  It was sickening in the most amazing and unreal way.  It was the first time I realized that there was something that could make me say no to a second bong hit.  I was managing a restaurant at the time- and literally could not function after a 2nd hit. I’m not sure I’ve ever been as stoned.  And since I’ve always been apt to have one last hit just before I walk out the door, one had to be enough.  Did I mention that I was Norm’s boss as well?   It was an interesting dichotomy to say the least.

According to, the Jack Herer is supposed to make you feel energetic.  If by that they mean it gives you enough energy to walk to the kitchen and whip up four courses of Stoner’s Delight, then yes.  Definitely.  Will you be answering the call to help your buddy move across town?  Probably not.   Delightfully stoney, indeed.  If I could compare it to anything, I would say it’s like…..  Nothing I’ve ever smoked before or since then.  Aptly named after the Hemperor himself, I found this strain to be quite lovely all around and in my humble opinion, still unsurpassed after all these years.

Thank you, Weed Gods.  Thank you.

By Helen Harper

*Death by Party does not endorse or condone the use of illegal substances and all references are purely fictional.

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