Somewhere In Mexico, Dope Art Is Being Made

Graffiti Collection By Efeck

Death by Party | Graffiti Collection By Efek

While I’m still looking for other sources, I’m going rely on my current and continuing obsession and pull another super dope photo set from Art Crimes, the best graffiti mural site on the web.

This week I’m reposting a sick set by Efek, a bomber from Mexico. Like I’ve said before, it’s always impossible to get real information on artists that will get arrested for making their art. Efek appears to be no exception. I can tell you two things about him (assuming Efeck is a he, or even just one person) he-she-they are from Mexico and makes dope graffiti. Some of the photos are tagged with a logo for a crew calling themselves FB10 Krew, but who the fuck knows.

Efeck, tu pinche güey, if you are out there, put the spray can down and write your padre at Money Guns Weed. We all want to know where you are and that you are ok.

By Marcus Aubrey

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