Barbie Raped The Devil

DigesTED Limited Edition Vinyl By Alex Pardee

Death by Party | DigesTED Limited Edition Vinyl By Alex Pardee

October is a time for many things. It’s a time for change. It’s a time for proliferation. It’s also a time for obfuscation and ruse. All Hallows Eve is the encapsulation of Autumnal elements. We gussy ourselves up in guises as a celebrated aberration. What we choose to don for one day out of the year may provide insight into us. Some of our costumes are more whimsical and colorful, whilst others are more classically horror-themed. Some of the more shodily cobbled together ones may merely grumble, “I just don’t give a fuck.” My personal favorite, however, are the nightmarish ones- the seemingly innocuous ones that may belie the true nature of the soul inside. Thanks to the collaboration of Kidrobot Black and Alex Pardee monikered “DigesTED,” I am given something shiny, bilious and new to add to the ever expanding Halloween mantle in my office: my fully realized sinewy and blackened self bursting at the seams out of a once loved pilose teddy bear. The astonishing work of art is unparalleled provenance that during this season, the most satiating Treats are the ones that lie dormant and undigested.

By Robert Kijowski

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