Complimentary Checkered Chef Pants Not Included

Cherry Tomato & Black By PUMA Suede Classic

Death by Party | Cherry Tomato & Black By PUMA Suede Classic 

I used to love cooking in restaurants. For a while I thought I was going somewhere with it until I realized my idea of cooking was nuking steaks, slicing onions on a deli-slicer, and waiting for frozen French fries to fry. The Golden Arches carried more refinement than the dive bar I was a slave too. Culinary students practically had me for lunch and it wasn’t even lunchtime when I ran into them. At least next time I dream of making a foray into the world of cooking I can be the most stylish chef in the kitchen by adding a pair of these PUMA Suede Classic “Cherry Tomato/Black” kicks to my wardrobe. I may not be able to whip up a fine Baked Alaska but at least I might have a better shot of making my work situation extremely awkward after hooking up with some of the waitresses I work with.

By Lou Cervantes

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