I Kinda Love Her- You Know Why? Because Boobs That’s Why

Brooke Candy Nude

Death by Party | Brooke Candy Gets Naked For Terry Richardson- Again

It really is a match made in heaven. You’ve got Terry Richards- the famously mentally unstable super genius photographer, renowned for sexual harassment allegations and all around inappropriate behavior.  Then you’ve got Brooke Candy- possibly mentally unstable cracker rapper/ex- stripper known for her perpetually near pornographic performances, lyrics and all around inappropriate behavior. The result is wonderful because boobs.

This isn’t their first shoot together so clearly Candy didn’t flee Richard’s studio in hysterics and Richards didn’t contract the clap. I picture their love child being a surreal photoshop hybrid of them both. A midgety platinum waif sporting male pattern baldness with  a corn row comb over, serial killer coke bottle glasses and coke bottle areolas.

Brooke Candy’s music is like Piss Bukkake or Christian Metal- you’ll never find someone who admits to being into it but clearly someone is. I mean, seriously, she has a huge following and yet I defy you to find a single person in the real world that DOESN’T instantly fly into a violent rage at the mention of her name. I can see how her recently discarded cosplay robot jump suits and god awful 00’s Myspace era neon colored goth faux dreads kinda cut into her street cred, but then again boobs.

By Robert Brown

Photo courtesy of http://www.myportiswaspsays.com

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