You Should See How The Cops Treat NON Famous Dead Bodies

Whitney Huston's Dead Body police controversy

Death by Party | Whitney’s Dead Naked Body And The Police Who Checked It Out

What’s this weeks big drama? All the tabloids are freaking out that a disgruntled cop has come forward with claims that he witnessed other cops pulling the sheet back and checking out Whitney Houston’s dead naked body, then laughing and making lewd jokes. Now Whitney’s young “dong on demand,” Ray J is stepping forward to claim he heard the po po giggling and sizing up her goods while he stood outside the suite too.

Obviously, this brings up a really big question- Who the fuck is Whitney Houston and why do we care about her dead naked body?

Whitney Houston was a world famous crack head who was known for being alive in the 80s. She first gained notoriety by having sex with Kevin Costner and then later with James Brown. She died 5 years ago from something having to do with I don’t remember or care. Shortly after her death, the nation was forced to listen to her sing for 30 days and 30 nights to punish us for crack.

All I have to say about this, is this: If you are surprised that the Los Angeles police stood around smoking cigars and laughing while they check out a famous, dead naked body, you’ve never had them come get a corpse from your house. You should see how they treat NON famous dead people.

By Marcus Aubrey

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