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Science is a lovely thing.  A beautiful, wonderful, sciencey awesome thing.  Ed Rosenthal is a pretty slammin horticulturalist (that’s science speak for plant dude.)  I hate to admit, but we owe these old head stinky hippies a thing or two when it comes to good weed and Ed Rosenthal is sort of like a “Reefer Prophet” if you want to make comparisons.   In all seriousness, we have Mr. Rosenthal to thank for some really killer weed- and Super Bud is no exception.*  I’ve been smoking it for a week or so now- and I dig it.

I gotta be honest- it’s taken me 2 days to write 2 paragraphs about this shit.  I sat down today and do you know what I’ve accomplished?  I have three pounds of fingerling potatoes roasting with garlic and paprika in the oven and a batch of 10 hour apple and pear butter in the crockpot.   That’s what it does to you.  Oh, and I wrote a letter to my friend in rehab.  Go figure.

Rumor has it this stuff is good for PMS, anxiety & headaches.  I guess it works.  What I know is that if I can maintain existence for 20 minutes without eating my face off- I’m functioning pretty well as a whole while unbelievably stoned on the Super Bud.  It does make me a little tired- I’m going to blame that on the indica end of things.  But this does have a really good balance.  A decent body high without totally laying me out after a couple of bong hits.  Anyway, I went to BJ’s the other day and didn’t get weird about giant size packages of paper towels.  I also went to work for 10 hours and escaped totally unscathed so I CAN discount those rumors about paranoia.  Sometimes I think people who get paranoid just have something to hide.

The Super Bud is pretty sweet.  I gotta go, the potatoes are done & the A-Team just came on the TV.  

C.U. Next Tuesday
By Helen Harper

*Death by Party does not endorse or condone the use of illegal substances and all references are purely fictional.

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