Why Do I Want To Visit Slovenia Again?

Sanja Grohar nude

Death by Party | Sanja Grohar

Every so often I like to pretend that I have money. Most days we’re talking extra 10’s and 20’s. I’m a live-by the-moment kind of a guy. Sometimes you like eating ninety dollar cheesesteaks and drinking them down with fifty dollar bottles of champagne. There’s nothing wrong with a little excessive spending.

Lately the lottery has become a hot topic. Either everyone and their mother are playing the lottery or the people who play it are spending a lot more money on it. It’s probably a little of both which goes to show how every other month these national contests are reaching new records. It is almost a matter of time before they reach over the billion dollar mark. With these new records comes many dreams about what one would do with their winnings.

People talk about how they’d give their money away to those in need or to family and that all sounds fine and dandy until you start talking about what other people would do if they won and you realize you’ve been left off their list. Or you’ve been relegated to being a measly invite-consolation prize to some hokie party they are throwing. Not me. I’m blowing through that money as fast as possible. The first place I’m going is the former Soviet satellite countries to party.

Eastern Europe is beautiful and the women are gorgeous. Check out Sanja Grohar, she looks so good even a deaf producer would give her a recording career. In Slovenia, all girls look like this. I’d make my way across the world in a rented out 747. And I’d make sure I was stocked with plenty of garlic and crucifixes just in case I ran into any vampires. I’d also make all who joined my flight where shapka-ushankas and call each other ‘comrade.’

I’d probably marry the first girl that found out I was a millionaire and pretended to like me and with my luck probably not make her sign a pre-nup. I’d also probably be used by all the people in her life. Nevertheless my excess days would be way more exciting than my current ones and I’d probably even set a Guinness record at some point in my wealthy journeys. Who can ignore the price of love when you have more money than most? When nothing in your world is real everything comes with a price tag. Sometimes it makes you feel better when the product happens to be a woman like Sanja, one that comes at the highest quality. Dreaming about her is better than the real thing available to most shlubs lost on the never-ending rat race we find ourselves lost within until we decide to stop waking-up.

By Lou Cervantes

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