Epic Extinction

Nanuk Custom Bub By Charles Rodriguez

Death by Party | Nanuk Custom Bub By Charles Rodriguez

There exist highs arbiters in myriad groups that don’t rely on but rather demand reverence. I will elucidate in the reverie of an Ogden-Nash fashioned poem:

Mafias have Dons,
Movies have the Academy,
Satanists have Maguses,
Doctors have Anatomy,
Parties have DJ’s,
Greasers have Leathers,
But Heathers… just have other Heathers.

Each ilk had built their own house, from La Cosa Nostra down to thee Glass House stones were frequently lobbed about in. From the house that film built to the house that funk built. There still exists but one stratum I did not include in this dithyramb-ling; the Inuits. They have Nanuk. Whilst the panache of the aforementioned may brandish the veneer of bad-assery- it’s but the Inuit tribe that is so goddamned cool, their constructed domiciles are of snow and ice. They adorn the most honored spot of their interior with a bear pelt- bestowment of Nanuk (the Great Polar Bear and worshipped arbiter of the ursine hunt.) This demonstrative reciprocity remains quid pro quo, that the hunted may receive weaponry or provisions in the afterlife from a proper killer. Charles Rodriguez’s ‘Nanuk’ pays ardent homage to this god of bounty that incites and commands all around a solitary word: Respect.

By Robert Kijowski

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