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Death by Party | Graffiti Roundup

I’m going to start posting sets of dope graffiti that I come across. Don’t really know how I’m going to present it. Most features I find on street artists seem to be sparse. I think this is because technically it’s illegal. Most crews don’t exactly step from the shadows and let you

know who they are or what their back story is or what they’re thinking when they’re starting a piece. The results end up being cryptic art statements or no info at all.

I know a couple of dudes that tag on the reg, but they aren’t exactly writers or even talkers, which is a shame because I KNOW they’ve gotten into some gnarly shit trying to get their work up.

That being said we might not be able to to really delve that much deeper into the minds of these art criminals than any other site does. So at least for now all I can really do is sit back and check out the work of these mostly unknown outside artists that make the world a more interesting place.

By Marcus Aubrey

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