Flirtterverse: Cory Booker-Vegan Strip Club Showgirl Edition

Cory Booker Catches Shit For Flirting With Stripper Lynsie Lee

Death by Party | Lynsie Lee: Just make sure they wash all the vegetables

Real men don’t need to look for love because it’s constantly trying to hit them in the face. Run-of-the-mill hot women don’t like regular guys, they like the ‘man.’ You have to be a Mt. Everest, where hordes and hordes of dolled-up ladies vie to get on top. A real man has a

title; he’s a fighter-pilot, a pro baseball player, a traveling magician, a doctor, rich, or (in Newark Mayor’s Cory Booker’s case) an aspiring US Senator. Real men deserve the love and desire of all the gorgeous women they come into contact with, whether or not these women are taken. To put it in a nutshell, real men have the right to access any woman that is normally the apple of desire for all other men; that’s why the divorce laws favor the trophy wives these real men (unlike regular guys) can so easily attain.

After reading about Cory Booker’s exchange with a female dancer from the other side of the country that works at a vegan strip club (one of among many girls who sweat the bachelor online) I am a little impressed by the avenues Mr. Booker keeps open towards wooing potential love interests. You would think that somebody in his position would have problems warding off the flock of jet-set females that fly his way on a daily basis in his own region. Trust me, where he lives there is no shortage of beautiful women. I guarantee you can find a higher percentage of top notch talent in the New York City metropolitan area than in rainy old Portland, Oregon or anywhere else in the United States for that matter. However Mr. Booker has seemed to express his desire to broaden his horizons by becoming immersed inside everybody’s favorite social network: twitter. Judging by his results I’m getting tempted to become a more active tweeter myself.

It never hurts to start conversations with beautiful strangers who share the same affinity for this social network. You never know what you’ll find in twitterverse. For one, who knew a vegan strip club existed. My only wonder: is it vegan because all the girls who work there share the same dietary restrictions or does this joint simply boast a vegan menu because nothing comes to mind more when a vegan comes into my neck of the woods than the ever-daunting wish that my local strip clubs adhere to a vegan friendly menu (or food for that matter). All hopes aside, I respect men (aka famous people) who can find quality arm candy online. I also dig the fact that Mr. Booker spares no shame in being happily single at his age and in his line of work where a wife is always a good front towards a successful political life.  Ditto the point that there exists a strong possibility that the future First Lady, if Mr. Booker one day decides to run for Presidency, may have a tattoo of a pistol pointing down the side of her thigh (how’s that for gun control). The example he sets goes to show that after all these years of holding out; I too may also be able to one day find a new wave, tatted-up, animal-friendly, kinky, hot, much younger, cool, open-minded, progressive, future baby mama.

By Lou Cervantes

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