Cool As Cashmere

Valentino Camouflage Cashmere Sweater

Death by Party | Valentino Camouflage Cashmere Sweater

Join us for the Factory Girls Death by Party Launch Party August 30th

Nothing like being in a dark club on a beautiful hot summer night. Especially when it’s acceptable to smoke a light menthol cigarette while sipping on an alcoholic concoctioncoming out of a glass shaped like a trapezoid. Or you’re out partying with a new fade. If you really want to make a statement where bright white or neon, but if you’re looking to lay back against the wall and chill under the cool vibe of the air-conditioner vent this Valentino Camouflage Cashmere Sweater is right up your alley. It may even draw the wanted advance of an unknown voluptuous stranger. Just remember if you use the restroom to tip the mint guy before the night is over.

By Lou Cervantes

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