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Shark Tooth Print Tee By Givenchy

Death by Party | Shark Tooth Print Tee By Givenchy

Join us for Death by Party presents Factory Girls August 30th

I was one of those kids that loved movies.  The first time I watched Jaws was during one of the many weekends down the Shore.  Going in the ocean, my parents always warned me about the dreaded undertow.  Years later I realized that if you ever got caught in a current the secret was to swim out in the deeper water than swim back in on another beach.  What my parents never warned me about was sharks, I can thank Spielberg for that.  Sharks litter the ocean and believe it or not they’re actually pretty harmless.  But it is the images of his classic movie Jaws that to this day keeps me from swimming into the deeper and darker waters.  The Givenchy Shark Tooth prints offers a reminisce of what lies in the ocean.  Purchase it today to remind all those around you to take caution the next time they decide to take a swim.

By Lou Cervantes

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