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Rosa Verloops Nylon Sculpture

Death by Party | Rosa Verloops Nylon Sculptures

Join us for Death by Party presents Factory Girls August 30th

As a child I was fascinated by medical texts, specifically pictures of deformities. I’m sure that’s totally normal. All those old, creepy, formaldehyde jars with floating abominations of natural form were amazing. Kittens with two heads, Cyclops piglets, limbless infants…. I was drawn to the revulsion.

Later it was movies like The Elephant Man and Mask, I craved interaction with nature tweaked and twisted. I want to look, I feel bad for looking, fascinated, stomach turns….It’s not just observing, it’s an experience.  The freak show lives on in reality shows about people with bizarre medical conditions, we pretend to be invested in their struggles, hoping the find a cure or some therapeutic treatment, but we’re just looking. We’re just desperate to get close to how close we are to it- how just one part of one gene is the difference between beauty and horror.

Rosa Verloops’ nylon sculptures have played with this urge in a safe, almost cuddly way. She’s built beasts that suggest humanity without being graphic in a medium that we feel we could poke and prod, get close to and shudder or say “ew!” without being cruel. It’s the ultimate indulgence.

By Tricky Pitcher

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