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Death by Party | Maluca Cocktail

Join us for Death by Party presents Factory Girls August 30th

Tomorrow is the fist officially sponsored Death by Party, party. For our first installment, we are backing up the infamous Factory Girls over at Voyeur. Factory Girls has been at the cutting edge of super decadent, gluttonous sexually charged dance parties for some time. These ladies, (and dudes that dress like ladies) know how to have a good time.

I was really looking forward to going tomorrow, but unfortunately I have come down with a severe lung infection. It might be bronchitis, it might be pneumonia, it might be that I’ve been revenge poisoned again. I don’t know, because I don’t have health insurance and when my girl tried to take me to the hospital, I literally wrapped my fevered, blood & phlegm hacking corpse around the bed post to stop from going. We have some Z packs from our recent trip and they seem to be working.

What does this have to do with Maluca? Good question. My answer is, don’t mix Thai Redbull syrup with Tussin. Or maybe do. Either way, Maluca sounds REALLY REALLY good and her hair curlers look like a magical halo.

Whether I go or not, tomorrow  I’m gonna enjoy me another Maluca Cocktail as the mix is now to be known.*

By Robert Brown

*Death by Party does not endorse or condone the use of illegal drugs and any references are purely for entertainment purposes only.

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