Big Balls Required

Zooted Tee by Jbon Clothing
Death by Party | Zooted Tee By Jbon Clothing

So when I opened up my writing assignment and found myself staring at the Zooted tee by Jbon clothing, I  just stared for a minute with a furrowed brow. But then I thought “fuck it.” I always appreciate people with big balls. I mean that both figuratively AND literally. I don’t know how big the literal balls are of this silly ass model posed with dollahs in his hand, but I do believe that anyone who  wears a shirt sporting a dude sucking down a whole plate of yeyo has the figurative end covered. Wearing this shirt is the equivalent to saying “fuck you mom, I’m a proud scum bag.”

Not a stretch. Jbon probably has a shirt that says that too.

By Annette Garcia

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