Eyes Scream

Muertos Bat Crema hand painted custom by Leecifer

Death by Party | Muertos Bat Crema Hand Painted Custom By Leecifer

Have you ever sat at the family dinner table with a full head of acid?  Talk about trying to keep your composure.  Every word spoken may as well be helium for the balloons that are the heads of your family members.  The worst is when they want you to say anything.  Running away is not an option as your eyes fill with screams of terror along with each little bite of mashed potatoes.  And don’t even think about playing with your food for you may as well be playing with your life.  Thank god for bathrooms and, better yet, mirrors.  You can look at yourself melt like this Muertos bat cream hand painted custom by Leecifer and laugh the fear away.  Who knows, maybe you’ll muster up the courage to stick around for dessert.

By Lou Cervantes

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