Even Better Than Pelting Them With Dog Shit

Make Under Series By Planet HiltronMake Under Series By Planet Hiltron

Death by Party | Make Under Series By Planet Hiltron

So when our country was founded by self made upstarts, we became the shining experiment in classless society. We were a nation without Aristocrats or Royalty. In the Old World you were effectively stuck where ever you were. Born to a Fish Monger? Well guess what, you’re probably going to spend your life gutting fish. Or maybe you’ll take a different path and clean horse shit out of the stables.  On the frontier, there were just no haughty processions of inbred high born nobles who were supposed to instill awe in the common folk with their superior lineage.

So what did we do with that void? We created a new class of royalty for the slack jawed masses to gawk at. Who did Americans replace European royalty with? The fucking theatre. Historically, actors and musicians were looked down on. They were poor, transient and generally considered unsavory. I mean, these were people who would dance for the amusement of the guy cleaning horse shit out of the stables.

It was the advent of mass media that suddenly allowed entertainers to leave vaudeville and carnie tents and spread their highly, highly controlled image to millions. Suddenly you have the movie star- glamorous, mythic, unattainable. Our new royalty.

But the flip side of being lifted into a state of flawless adoration by the public, is their mutual desire to see you fall. I mean honestly, I don’t know what I want more, to fuck Paris Hilton, or to douse here in pig blood. I honestly believe most people internally debate this same conundrum.

I KNOW Danny Evans AKA Planet Hiltron does. His ongoing Make Under series pretty much does what TMZ, The National Inquirer and every other gossip pit desperately try to do. Reduce our self created royalty into the People of Walmart. I’ve always wanted to strip Tom Cruise naked and pelt him with dog shit, but seeing him stripped of his personal trainer, his stylist and his handler is even better.

By Marcus Aubrey


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