Diamond-Encrusted Tiger Claw Not Included

Lotus Flower Tee By Two In The Shirt

Death by Party | Lotus Flower Tee By Two In The Shirt

Upper middle class sons of successful men from India love to show their social status by wearing a tiger claw themed-necklace ala a Crucifix or Star of David by the same brethren from other religions in America.  If they’ve got trust funds or they get into the cash money game, that claw becomes covered in diamonds.  Once they become legit, women start getting into the mix no matter how overweight or out of shape these spoiled sons may be.  By the time they get ready to inherit their father’s business they usually fly back to their homeland, kill, and skin a tiger in celebration.  They then have the pleasure of coming home and making love to their beautiful wives or girlfriends on the fresh rug.  The scene plays out much like the image on the lotus flower power tee by two in the shirt.  Look at the bright side, the circle completes itself.  These spoiled sons eventually breed their own boys and girls that turn out to be worse than their privileged fathers could ever dream to be.

By Lou Cervantes

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