Uhhh… Can You Tell Me How To Get…

Artist Dan Luisi-Pop Culture series

Death by Party | Dan Luvisi Pop Culture Painting Series

If you take a look at me and my buddies it’s rather eerie that each of us match up to a Sesame Street character.  We always argue which one is the most obvious.  We’ve even discussed dressing up as such at a party and we would if we were little kids.  Unfortunately we’re grown men and the world will never get to witness this circumstance.  Then again if you know my crew you’d realize we don’t need no stinkin costume party.

The Count likes two things money and women and he counts both often.  You can find him every month adding up his endeavors.  Taxed money, cash money, new girls, old ones; whatever it may be he’s always keeping track of what challenge may boost his self- esteem.  He even counts his failures and takes averages of them.  He once talked to sixty girls in one night before he could convince one to hold his hand.  With him it is and always will be a numbers game.  The Grouch doesn’t live in a trash can although if you’ve been to his house it may as well be.  He has the whole world on his shoulders however it seems that he always has something to complain about.  Here’s a bizarre fact about him, he loves good food.  I guess somebody has to throw their caviar away somewhere.  Big Bird carries a strong and silent presence.  You may not always hear him but you’ll know who he is as he strolls around north and south of Washington from place to place spreading his positivity.  Bert and Ernie are exactly what you’d expect, two men that share a home and argue a lot.  Bert is obviously the more vocal one as opposed to Ernie’s lackadaisical attitude.  And Snuffleupagus, well he’s not really around physically so he may as well be an imaginary friend.  But we witness his wisdom through e-mails and memories.  Someday, maybe, he’ll come back to live in this area.

My roommate is Elmo.  What can I say, even if his world is crumbling he’s always happy.  Although I don’t know if he likes being tickled by children.  If he had a toy I’m sure it would be a hit.  And yours truly,  I’m the Cookie Monster.  I’ll eat, snort, freak out, annoy, or screw up anything you put in front of me.  Also, I love cookies; especially the ones that make you feel good.  If you want to get a better idea about me and my crew find us on a sunny day when we’re all hanging out together.  Better yet, check out this Dan Luvisi Pop Culture painting series.  You may even find a figure of pop culture, like Toy Story or Star Wars, that represents your own social group.  Compare one today.

By Lou Cervantes

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  1. jamesK says:

    This is fucking incredible. There’s a lot of trippy pop stuff out there but this brings it to the next level. I really dig th e no country for old men muppets!

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