Chisel? No Son, That’s A Scalpel

Philip Toladano's New Kind of Beauty photo series

Death by Party | Phillip Toledano’s New Kind Of Beauty Photo Series

Philip Toledano’s photo series, “New Kind of Beauty” positions plastic surgery disasters in classical poses and lighting. Of course, in his statement he goes through the usual art speak about the juxtapose of timeless beauty and technological manipulations of the human form. Not like you need an MFA to read into where he’s going with this. What is interesting is that the muted colors and the sharp tones give all his portraits a waxy unnatural look, which amplifies the already unnatural features of the collagen and silicone addled models. All of these portraits look like they should be standing next to a Neanderthal display at the NHM.

I’m going to make an amission that most people would never, ever admit. While I know that plastic surgery debutantes look creepy and disturbing, I still find them strangely sexy. Yes, go ahead and insert your “eeewwww gross” here. I’ve been around more than a few of these “extreme makeover” people. There is an upscale MILF bar in town that I used to deliver coke to*, and it’s chocked full of wealthy freaks who have as much plastic in them as a mannequin. While I’m repulsed on a social level,  I think there is something primally attractive about exaggerating the features most of these cripplingly insecure people always exaggerate. The giant breasts, the swollen lips, the forced up cheek bones, the cartoon eyes. In a weird morbid way, I find it kinda hot.

While everyone you meet will unanimously say they think it’s gross, wrong, pathetic, I think there are more people who find drastically surgically altered faces and bodies attractive than one might think. Like bukkake & nu metal, there is a market for this, or it people wouldn’t do it.

By James Jarvis

*Death by Party does not endorse or condone the use of illegal drugs and all references are purely fictional and for entertainment purposes only.

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