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There are days in life when you just feel lucky.  Days when you wake up & the sun is shining, you got to sleep in, you’re not hung over & you realized you’ve managed to lose 5 lbs.  Good days indeed.

Even better are the days when you wake up to all of those things AND the face of your significant other is buried in your crotch like it was some kind of buffet.  Now THAT is lucky.  Now, I don’t fancy myself a total prude, but there are just some things I’m not into.  Deep tongue kisses after you’ve tossed my salad are kind of where I have to draw the line.   However- there seems to be an alternative if you really want to eat some ass.  Puts new meaning to the words “Chocolate Starfish.”

I seem to have found the perfect end to that delightful meal.

C. U. Next Tuesday
By Helen Harper

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