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Bank America Piggy Bank by Plaseebo

Death by Party | Bank America Custom Piggy Bank By Plaseebo

So I’m looking at this evil little custom piggy bank by Plaseebo and it compels me to say- saving money is for suckers.

We all deserve to live off the fat of the land, so what better way to instill this thought at current children than to buy them a piggy bank that neglects the hoarding of money.  In fact, parents should start at their child’s young age and using any money thrown to them at parties they throw for their children towards spoiling them and letting them realize that blowing money away is great.  The money we blow away is our current economy and as long as anybody has it somebody else is getting fed.  Children shouldn’t be frugal, they should be taught to keep eating and eating.  It is this hunger that will have our youth challenging anything any other country is striving to take off their plate.

By Lou Cervantes

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