Viva La Imagination

John Cebollero paintings

Death by Party | The Paintings Of John Cebollero

I came across an old copy of Juxtapoz magazine* featuring Cebollero’s art on the cover from 2009 when I was cleaning out some old boxes. I’m really glad I did. Checking out his site really got me thinking about the way we view art.

As a little kid, I was constantly told that art wasn’t supposed to be fun. It had to be serious, overtly intellectual, lofty, subtle and ultimately boring. This disconnect between art and the public it’s supposed to serve has created a pretentious divide between those who were supposed to be taste makers and the rest of us.

While I spent years doing my best to give a shit about minimalist canvas’ dribbled with bits of paint, I constantly snuck around looking for my dirty low brow secret pleasures. Pleasures like old Cracked or Mad magazines*, Covers of Sci-fi novels, garbage pale kids. The great art that you won’t let your Art History teacher catch you looking at.

But now that social media has socialized creativity, the free form masses of pop culture has overwhelmed the institutions that told us that “fun” and “art” can’t be the same. Now painters like John Cebollero can take the stage with his bulb curvy women and next generation Garbage Pale Kids. Now I don’t have to hide my love for this stuff.

By Annette Garcia

*Magazines are web pages made from paper that people used to buy.

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