A Mother Fucker Can Dream

Larry Clark Skate DecksLarry Clark Skate Decks

Death by Party | Larry Clark Skate Decks By Sk8room

 Larry Clark is one of those artist’s that you either love or hate. The film maker- photographers a little to realistic depictions of underage sex, drugs and violence have had him walking a razor edged line for years. For many he’s wandered way over that like years ago.  I for one do not think so. There is dirty truth in our dirty reality. The new Skate Deck Canvas project SK8room is rapidly becoming our new absolute favorite and the fact that they’ve released not one but two signed, limited edition decks by Clarke just added to their cred in a big way. Teenage Lust and Billy Mann 1968 are both out of my price range right now, but a mother fucker can dream.

-James Jarvis

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