Confection Horror

Giant Gummy worms by Firebox

Death by Party | Giant Gummy Worms By Firebox

Thousands of years from now, when humans who aren’t rich can no longer survive, smart people from other planets will explore the earth.  They’ll find robotic arms made of titanium, fish, volcanic eruptions, Playstation 3’s, and the giant gummy worm.  Guaranteed anybody that gets this monstrosity as a gift won’t eat it.  And even more guaranteed it will out survive us all.  They may even use it to find away to regenerate chromosomes.  But knowing our luck, they’ll forfeit it to a museum.  And since we’re still kicking, who wouldn’t want this resurrected in their own personal shrine to confectionery oddities.

By Lou Cervantes

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  1. wanderingw0lf13 says:

    I know a girl that could swallow that whole.

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