Artist Chen Wenling sculptures

Death by Party | Chen Wenling Sculptures

I recently purchased a television.  Paid next to nothing for it.  It was made in China. Every night, late in the evening when there is no one awake, it evades my treasured dreams with its pre-paid infomercials and 70’s reruns.  I never knew Bea Arthur did anything before the Golden Girls.  And Suzanne Somers, when will I stop being into her.  I’m not talking about Three’s Company, I’m talking about all the infomercials she’s in.  If only she could see me at the other side of the tube.

It’s during these late nite forays that have actually brought a whole new crop of early morning dreams I never could have dreamt previously.  It’s like my brain floats in and out of consciousness with every laugh-track and cheesy 1-800 number announcement.  And as I flow into a dream state it’s as if the static conducts the distortion of night-time images.  Much to the same effect as the sculptures created by Chen Wenling, who like my television, is from China.

Something has to be said for what the Chinese have been drinking as they’ve become bigger capitalists and it shows in Mr. Wenling’s work.  Like his pigs, as people resort to not having to break their back to make a dollar and as they have the money to spend, they get fatter and fatter and fatter both literally and figuratively.  I think that same hint of capitalist gluttony which litters late night television has seeped into my own dreams.  And let me tell you, going hogging in my noggin has a whole new meaning after realizing what many of us deep down inside truly are, swine.

By Robert Kijowski

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