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Adidas Originals Superstar 80s Mesh

Death by Party | Adidas Originals Superstar 80s Mesh

 Remember the time when Adidas wasn’t a jinx but rather nothing more than a clever acronym to sell shoes? Probably not, in fact I’d lay a bet to know that 99% of worthy souls reading this post would not know the acronym without searching for it. Better yet, they wouldn’t even care. That’s what makes the Adidas Originals Superstars 80s mesh shoes worthy wearing in any high-rise while partying. They don’t care if you’re a lazy block captain or a rec-school fence enforcer as long as you make sure these Superstar 80’s Mesh’s don’t get engaged in any inner-city coed sport; they’ll stay clean and continue to be beyond cool.

By Lou Cervantes

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