They Light You Long Time

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Nothing beats having that faithful light when you’re out putting the ho in Ho Chi Minh. You’ll never know when wind resistance will come in handy like when it’s your turn to light the community bum drum or if you ever wake up in pool of rat urine while lost in an abandoned building. Nothing says the word Zippo more than the Vietnam Era and these lighters combine the best of both worlds.

It’s like saying you love the smell of napalm in the morning while smoking a stogie against your white suburban picket fence or someone yelling “Mao! Mao!” at you while handing over a loaded bottle of whiskey and a shot glass. It’s the Doors while getting high in your parent’s basement, and it’s opium that you wish was real. And fortunately, none of us have to get gunned down halfway around the world to re-live the horrors that many in a prior generation once faced.

And if the closest you ever wanna get to Vietnam is your local pho spot, some of these lighters are rather ubiquitous.  I can see the Gene Tamsey lighter becoming a national craze among young chain smoking inner-city despots fired up on geranium extract and eager to loot any young bride to-be for the evening.  Or Swamp’s lighter lighting that afternoon procrastination doobie before watching some Springer and building an appetite for Cheetos.  Don’t be fooled by the cheap crack lighters that crowd the Vietnamese Laundromat check-out counters, these durable relics will last forever and light you long time.  Lighting fluid not included.

By Lou Cervantes

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