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Snuff Raglan tee by Mishka

Death by Party | Snuff Raglan Tee By Mishka

I wanted to be a walking billboard.  White shoes, white pleated pants, a white shirt, white suit jacket, and a red tie.  That’ll show them, or so I thought, as I set out into the evening under a violet nighttime sky.  Everyone will glance at me and tell me their most dire wish.  My mind juggled the calamities that awaited me.  How many voluptuous young women would ask me for a pony?  Will the short angry street cleaners ask me to make them taller?  Will the people that have everything want more, the people with nothing want less?  And how many people really hate working and dream about retirement?  This question and many more will be answered or at least that is what I presumed.  Quite frankly, I think the people of tonight were just too nervous to walk up to me and ask me anything.  I don’t know what gave it away, my own sweaty palms or the fact that humidity puts a bad taste in my breath.  Or maybe it’s the fact that in this day in age, even if you dress the part like my modern day wish-granter persona, or advertise it like this Snuff shirt by Mishka I saw a passer-by wearing during my travels, nobody is going to take you seriously.

By Lou Cervantes

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