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All I can think of right now is this band called Pigface and my bff from high school.  Pigface has this song she was really into called “Hips Tits Lips Power” which, by the way, wasn’t great. It just repeated those 4 words over and over for the most part, but was tremendously catchy and made for some good drunk dancing.  My bff used to dye her hair black and get a perm in order to create this sort of goth afro.  Not the Robert Smith kind, the black lady in the velvet painting kind.  We were unbelievably stylish.

But, I digress.  What I wanted to say was that it’s nice seeing the lips get props- especially when they’re grouped with a body part as impressive as the tits.  I have to say I think they’re tremendously underrated.  Everyone’s always like, “The eyes are the window to the soul” or “You have such a beautiful heart.”  Lips are responsible for assisting in eating, drinking, blow jobs & asking for money, amongst many other important things- and until now, I really didn’t think they were getting the attention they deserved.  It’s nice to see the lips coming into their own.

So, how does one adorn their lips appropriately for all occasions?  Obviously the American Flag lips are good for every day- but especially holidays like July 4th, Veterans Day, Flag Day, etc. and the watermelon lips are great for a picnic.  This girl I know is getting married soon and I recently ran into her fiancé out with another girl. I’m going to wear the eye to their wedding- I hope he gets it.  I’m not trying to break up their thing, but I kind of want to fuck with him.  If you have your period you could do the bullet hole lips, just as a precursor to the rest of the evening.  The options are pretty endless.

I must say-in case you couldn’t tell, I think this new trend in lips is pretty fantastic, and it’s probably going to catch on.  Get on the train early and start practicing now so you’ll be really good at it before everyone else even knows what’s happening.  And it totally doesn’t matter if you’re a dude.  Get creative with your mustache and soul patch!  Send me some pics and we’ll post them!

(not really.)

C.U.Next Tuesday,
By Helen Harper

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