No Anal Probing, No Bad Music

John Paul Kaiser's Our Space Odyssey Custom

Death by Party | John Paul Kaiser’s Our Space Odyssey Custom 

 They pinned me down on the first shuttle.  That was next to field of corn reserved for cattle.  Should’ve known by the blush wine that filled me up with the fall to frankness on comedown.  No anal probing and no bad music.  They even let me eat non-Space Camp approved ice cream.  Thankfully they did not bid me away with a Molotov cocktail shot aimed straight for my gizzards.  Instead they souvenir’d me with a one-off desktop pleaser that’s out of sight.  And for that I’m thankful for being out of their mind.  Extraterrestrials have an odd time dealing with earthlings on deadlines, especially if it’s laundry night.

Thank you Paul Kaiser for painting the Our Space Odyssey custom vinyl.

By Lou Cervantes

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