Reality Hurts My head

Hyper Realistic Fish Paintings By Keng Lye

Death by Party | Hyper Realistic Fish Paintings By Keng Lye

I really hate optical illusions, my sense of reality is already cracked. The best way to describe my mind, is that it’s like a fat man walking across a frozen pond on a warm day. Every careful step feels like impending doom as small cracks creek and crawl into a spiderweb in front of me. I know it sounds dramatic, it isn’t and it doesn’t take much.

See, I’m a walk into the sliding glass door, who is outside my window kinda guy. The last thing I ever need is optical illusion paintings. Keng Lye’s utter mind fuck ultra realistic series “Alive With Out Breath” put my left foot through my mental ice. These Aquatic creatures are actually a mix of expertly laid out perspective, 3D frames and meticulously layered resin. The resin is painted and layered, painted and layered and then painted and layered some more to slowly pull the fish up and out of the water.

This shit really hurts my brain, so if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to eat this bag of mushrooms* and put on inception to calm me down.

By Annette Garcia

*Death by Party does not condone or endorse the use of illegal drugs and all references are purely fictional

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