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Happy 4:20 Day, smoke weed

Death by Party | Go green on 4:20 day

Today is a day of celebrating the Earth. Around the globe everybody has different ways of conglomerating in appreciation for the miracle plant. Americans will meet at various hotspots like Golden Gate Park, university bio-ponds, or the town Boulder, Colorado to give thanks. I look as this as a good day to scrape the mud off my hiking boots and find a nice little spot in the woods near any major highway. Nothing beats the exhilaration of being surrounded by trees and wondering if one second you’ll be mauled by a bear or the next second you’ll be run over by a Mack truck. And there is nobody better to share this with than the company of those friends who share in the sacred ritual of consuming this miraculous gift of nature.

It’s the kind of day where a song like Incense and Peppermint was probably written. In meditation, I yearn to mimic the sounds of the Strawberry Alarm Clock on my bongo drum. It’s also a good day to choose a Native American codename for your self. I think today I’m gonna call myself Bike Spoke because I feel that I as well as all those around me are spokes in the wheel of life. It’s also the kind of day where lost pirate ships are stumbled upon during journeys into your local parks. It’s as if the 4th of July and Christmas wrap themselves into one and have their own private Thanksgiving. Whether you be celebramos-ing or celebrating, Mother Earth welcomes all nationalities to partake in her festivities.

The best part about this year is that April 20th is on a weekend and many people won’t have to look for a lame excuse to leave their 9-5 forty minutes early. Dinner is always interesting on this festive night. After my afternoon celebration subsides and the sun prepares to set the temptation inside my stomach begins to dictate my cravings. I’ll put together a junk food concoction that would put any pregnant woman to shame. People invent stuff like fried peanut butter sandwiches on this day and most convenience stores struggle to keep their Party Mixes in stock to please a flock of hungry celebrants. Everything done today is done in honor conservation and preservation in praise of our wonderful planet. As you all embark on your 4.20 festivities remember to give thanks and if you happen to run into me don’t hesitate in passing over a little taste.

By Lou Cervantes

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