Bodega Pride

Nike SB Paul Rodriguez 5 LR "Hyper Red"

Death by Party | Nike SB Paul Rodriguez 5 LR “Hyper Red”

If you live in my town it’s either Asian or Latin-owned corner spots. The Asian spots are usually bland brick-fronts that lack much life while the Latin ones tend to bolster exteriors painted in various flashy colors. Nike, with an eye to urban culture, knows all bout Bodega Pride and isn’t afraid to let it all hang out with their new Paul Rodrigues Customs. Now you can salsa down any mouse drop infested aisle while stacking up on your favorite 25 cent bag of generic chips, canned milk drinks from Central America, stale Kaiser rolls, mini bananas, and 3 packs of International Phone Cards in the know. When you hit the streets, everybody will recognize your corner spot allegiance and nobody will step-up to your knowledge of the Venezuelan Baseball League.

If you’re not Latin
Yet still looking for flavor,
Nike provides it.

-Lou Cervantes

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