I’m Always The Elephant In The Skate Park

Mike Uribetxeberria's Animalia Photo Series

Death by Party | Mike Uribetxeberria’s Animalia Photo Series

When you’re an everyday wanderer you get used to being the stranger. You should see me at family parties. Now, granted, most of the time I’m not necessarily invited; but they don’t have all that stacked booze and finger-dishes at them catering halls for nothing.  They got to cater to some of us outside sorts. When you’re wearing a t-shirt and trying to talk to a lady in a dress let me tell you one thing, anything you say is inappropriate. Unless you’re taking her empty cocktail plate or refilling her champagne, than she’s naturally not tuned into listening to anything you have to say. I get the most awkward glares when I walk into restaurants by myself and try to make conversation with tables containing only couples. They look at me like I’ve just escaped a zoo.

And that look gets worse. The corporate world has hang-ups over people built in the mold of myself. Only so many disheveled unlaundered white shirts and fading pleated pants a cold call can withstand lost under the worn soles of un-shined shoes. Constant rejection in every sense of the word is the daily IV of an everyday wanderer. I’m not even good enough to participate in stories told by the local alcoholics that frequent the dark lonely watering holes that accompany most of my travels. I’ve been told it is because I usually am the story. I belong in an empty space, locked away, alone, and kept secret; or stashed away in a zoo, much like the subjects in Mike Uribetxeberria’s Animalia Photo Series.

The Gorilla Thinker next to a disheveled bed wondering about breakfast may as well be me.  Every waking moment I’m the elephant in the skate park, the wolf on the subway, and the crocodile indoors all wrapped into one.  My human experience correlates this Animalia fixture; being one lost, with nowhere to fit-in, alone on a desolate canvas. And if any readers agree with my own sentiments, I hope you too can sit-back, fixate, and admire this wonderful collection.

By Lou Cervantes

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