These Don’t Stink

Mastermind JAPAN collaboration with visvim Flynt

Death by Party | Mastermind JAPAN  Collaboration With Visvim Flynt- Hi Boots

My feet sweat in the leather shoes I wear during my days in the corporate world. It’s most embarrassing during work happy hours.  The sweat of a long stressful day is gargled between my clammy toes.  If my feet were factories, they’d be a lost sweatshop hidden deep in the woods of Thailand.  Thankfully, the Mastermind Flynt Hi Boot helps to alleviate my after work smelly feet anxiety.  They also make me look taller. All of this combined with the fact that they blend in great with my suits heightens the prospect of being recognized as the greatest person in any room that has the privilege of hosting my presence.

Buy these Hi Boots now
And think about them as you
Seduce hearts later

By Lou Cervantes

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