Cobra Fever

GI Joe Skate Decks by TLS

Death by Party | G.I. Joe Skate Decks By TLS

I know these decks have been around for a while, and they aren’t some super rare design made by some hipster graffiti artist. But I don’t give a fuck cause I loves them.

Let’s pretend that Hollywood hasn’t begun defacing the decades long legacy of GI Joe for a minute and just relish in the awesome of (especially) the 80’s characters. The best part of of GI Joe was the villains. Fucking Al Qaeda is so bland compared to Cobra. A global network of super fortresses, armies of robots and the best flag emblem ever designed. Bin Laden would have been so much more menacing if he had turned in his beard for a shinny mirrored helmet.

Go Joe!

By James Jarvis

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