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Death by Party | Death Wish Coffee

Every superhero worth their piss and vinegar needs a source of sustenance- their proverbial restart button. The inherent pulchritude is something for the books commensurate with the character. Popeye needed his spinach, Hal Jordan needed his will, and Tony Montana needed his hot coke-cayanne. We, as normal mammalian beings have something more innocuous. Coffee. It is within this sediment that we base our sentiment. Imbued with imbibing the night before? Coffee. Late night writing sessions? Coffee. Strangling a prole for the papes (that is both for the fame and the money)? Coffee. Legally, you cannot be incarcerated when having Death Wish coffee coursing through your veins.

Vanity stricken from the record, why settle down when you can saddle up? Being accustomed by being accosted by older men that would ply me with cigarettes and free drugs, my youth was better when in the tenth grade. Now, I know.. I know that what they only wanted was to obtain the best high whilst schooling me in the fine arts of addiction.. or as it’s better known, the Stocks-Are-My-Home Syndrome. They simply wanted a consummate customer. Someone that would sell his Weapon-X figure for his new weapon.. ecstasy. The first taste of something is really quite magical. It will stay with you for the rest of your own ephemeral life. I relived the magic when taking the first sip of Death Wish coffee.. and like the very genteel gentlemen in my youth, it’ll whisper to me in my sleep.. And that’s ironic.. dontcha think?

There exists no arbitration upon what you do whilst on this product. Juliana Margulies will not save you… The company retains no responsibility. Take your shot of vodka and follow it up with a swig of this. I had done such. This bean will largely eradicate any effects alcohol has on your bean, it and will swiftly leave you in absentia.. ‘He only cheats on me because it’s to save the marriage.’ Savor that dark roasting in the divorce proceedings.. because you can only savor this dark roasting with a cigarette when you come home.

Buy some, you’ll see

By Robert Kijowski

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